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How To Get a HARP
Owners of a HARP like other llc have limited personal liability for debts and or actions of the llc. And unlike partnerships , none of the liability for it's debt. 

Ask for Independent Agreement Solo's and teams

My llc promotes unlimited growth for Builders and Investors by personally placing the right combination of Agents and Teams with the Builder, and  Investor community. 

HARP llc gives flexibility and the benefits of real estate expenses as pass through taxation of llc allow.

Provisions for management authorization to assign interest and provisions   for the distribution of profit and loss. From real estate activities and agent and team possibilities.   

HARP is the acronym for HOME Atlanta Realty Partners LLC , It  has no connection with any other company or agency. Teams and agents may contact the company for affiliation information and cost.  
Home Atlanta Realty Partners
Home Atlanta Realty Partners
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